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The Marketing Spectrum: Promotional Gifts for Brand Building

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With the rapid development of science and technology, marketing methods are getting more and more diverse. The internet is full of fancy short videos and pictures that grab as much attention as possible for brand building. However, that doesn’t mean promotional gifts are dying out.

Promotional gifts are more attractive

In fact, when facing advertisements or promotions online, most people will be annoyed because their time was wasted and they do not get any benefit from those kinds of brand building. While promotional gifts let people own a new item for free, who would say no to a free gift?

Promotional gifts play an important role as they can be used to promote corporate brand influence and increase sales. Because sometimes people are not very interested in shopping, their consuming desires are not so strong. By giving out promotional gifts, it can arouse people’s desire for physical objects. It is said that promotional gifts are vital in the operation of a business, but what kind of gifts should be prepared? What exactly should be considered? It has become a big issue for companies, so here is some advice.

Choose a gift that is not particularly expensive

 There is an old saying in China, “Taking others’ things makes short hands, and eating others’ food makes soft lips.” This means when you take advantage of others, you still need to pay back. In this sense, an expensive promotional gift is equal to an invisible burden, making people afraid that they are going to pay back in the future.


Nevertheless, price and quality are the basis of promotional products, they must meet the budget requirements under the premise of ensuring quality, and do not save money to reduce quality as a condition, because promotional products are the carrier of the brand, the quality of promotional products equal to the quality of your brand.

Practicality is the most important

Practicality is the essence of a gift. As we all know, consumers buy goods to get their value, and it makes more sense to get value with the added bonus of a promotional gift. Something practical can keep consumers using it, thus increasing using frequency, keeping your brand in the minds of consumers. Therefore, a practical daily item is definitely a good choice, for example, stainless steel water bottles. People need to drink water every day at any place, and this results in water bottles having a very high “attendance rate.”

Compared to normal bottles, wholesale stainless steel water bottles are clearly more practical. By using the heart preservation technique, they are able to keep your drink warm or cold for hours. Secondly, they are extremely durable, most stainless steel bottles last five to ten years, what other kind of gift lasts such a long time like stainless steel bottles? Apart from this, little maintenance is required. They are stainless, insulated, and stain-resistant, which means it is not a hassle to clean them.

The relevance is crucial

Gifts are not an isolated act in development, it is a part of the marketing system, giving gifts without a certain connection to the product or brand may make the value of promotional gifts greatly discounted. For example, you are running a gym and you want to give out some promotional gifts, and you choose a key chain. Is there any connection between these two? Gym and key chains? I bet in a week they will forget where this key chain comes from.

Therefore, a versatile item is a smart choice because it is easy for them to link your business with gifts. Whether you are doing business about fitness, health care, sports, or even talk shows, people will come to you through “a water bottle bridge.” The key is to create a connection between gifts and companies, rather than just sending a nice gift.

Customized to meet any needs

With smooth curves and a big surface, stainless steel water bottles give you enough space to print anything you want to say, let alone a small logo or a short slogan. Our personal customization service allows you to leave pictures or words on any material and any shape of bottle. We offer a wide range of customization such as: custom capacities, custom shapes, custom caps/lids, custom colors, custom graphics, custom logos, and custom packaging. If you can imagine one in your mind, we can make one in reality!

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