How to Order

We offer two ways to order!

You can place your order online! Click on “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” on the product you’d like to buy, and carefully review each step to make sure you’re selecting the color, imprint, and location preferences just how you want them.

Once you put the items into your cart, you will go through the check-out process, just like any other website.
When we receive notification that you’ve placed the order, we’ll get to work! You will need to be available on short notice with any questions we might have, and also to approve your email proof. This is especially true if you have a rush order. If you have an event date that we just can’t meet (we promise to try super hard), we will let you know ASAP.
We’ll prepare your email proof, free of charge (Proof approvals might have to be waived for rush orders).
Once you approve the proof, we will get your order into production and ready to ship.

You can request a quote, and a dedicated account manager will email pricing based on quantity, number of colors in your artwork, and where you want to print your artwork. This person will be your primary point of contact (now and in the future when you want to order another item), and you can ask questions, get pricing on other items, and send artwork to your account manager. When you decide on an item, your account manager will walk you through the order process:

First, we make sure we have all of your order details. You know, the boring stuff like billing information, shipping information, when you need the bags, etc…just to make sure we are on the same page with every single detail.
At the same time, we will review your artwork (if we haven’t done so already).
We will write up the order and send you a confirmation and link to make secure payment online. The confirmation details your order, including pricing, and provides the delivery date.
We’ll also send you an email proof, free of charge (Proof approvals might have to be waived for rush orders). Preproduction proofs (bags printed with your logo) are also available – inquire about pricing for preproduction proofs as they aren’t included with a typical order.
As with everything in life, client deadlines, product availability, or art changes can change the order in which things are done. The above is meant to give you an idea of ​​what to expect. We treat each client’s project individually!

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