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How to Clean Stainless Steel Water Bottles?

how to clean stainless steel water bottle

As the most important resources on earth, water defines the future of our species. Human, whose bodies are 65% of water, cannot live without water. It is one of the best things for you to keep healthy by staying hydrated. Hydration can support our physical performance, avoid diverse health problems and more.

Experts widely recommend that people need to take more or less 2000 ml water everyday. Drinking water plays an indispensable in our life and so does the water bottles that we use everyday. There are various kinds of wholesale water bottles on the market, glass bottle, plastic bottle, disposable bottle and stainless steel water bottles. Featuring with durability, solidness, environmental protection and rust-resistance, stainless steel water bottles are popular among many customers. Generally speaking, stainless steel water bottles can be used for years with proper maintenance. Here comes the question: how to clean a stainless steel water bottle?

Bulkflask, a leading stainless water bottles manufacturer in China, writes this article to teach you how to clean such a water bottle.

Keep sanitation and your health

The air is full of dust, which may adhere to your water bottle. There may be some beverage remains in your bottle, which will lead to growing molds or bacteria if your stainless steel bottle doesn’t get regular and timely cleaning.

All of this will be the potential risks to your health. And it will be more serious in the warm environment, where bacteria grow very quickly. Therefore, cleaning your stainless steel water bottle thoroughly is a must for keep the sanitation for your water bottle as well as your health.

Avoid stains

As time goes by, more and more stubborn stains may appear on your water bottle. If you don’t take measures to these, the stains may bring you more troubles like corrosion, rusting, discoloration or even off-taste.

Avoid odor

Have you ever smelled the overnight milk on the table. If your answer is Yes, thank heaven for keeping you away from the smelly liquid. The same thing is also likely to appear on bulk stainless steel water bottles that are not cleaned in time. So please try to wash your water bottle everyday

2.What are the ways to clean a stainless steel bottle?

clean stainless steel water bottle

Right maintenance is helpful to prolong the service life of a stainless steel water bottle. Are you tired of your stainless steel water bottle looking dirty and grimy? Fear not! With these simple cleaning tips, you can restore your bottle to its original sparkling shine.

Bulkflask, a leading stainless steel water bottles manufacturer in China, is willing to show you how to maintain your bottle in a right way.

2.1Clean by hands

  • Use the warm water with soap to fill half of the bottle. It is the easiest way to clean the water bottle. You only need to fill your bottle with half of the water and then add a little dish soap into it. Place the cap on tight and shake the bottle for a while. Open the bottle and empty it.
  • Rinse your bottle under the running water and dry it. Pour clean water into the bottle and empty it. Repeat this for several times .Turn your bottle upside down and dry it in the dishrack.
  • Clean your bottle with a brush. If your stainless steel water bottle has a narrow mouth so that you can clean it with a conventional sponge. At this time, you can use the bottle brush which is elongated enough to help you clean the inner bottom of your water bottle. Some stainless steel bottles have their own brushes, if yours do not, you can buy it in many goods stores.
  • Clean the bottle mouth and cap carefully. If your water bottle comes with a crew-on top, clean the edges of bottle mouth is as important as the bottle body. What you need to do is to rub the inside and the outside of bottle mouth with a sponge soaked in the soap water. After rubbing, clean it under the running water.

2.2Using Alternative Cleaning Methods

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If the daily cleaning can get rid of those stubborn stains in your stainless steel bottle, you can try other methods as follows:

  • Use the dishwasher. If you have already bought a dishwasher in your house, you can just put your stainless steel water bottle in your dishwasher. Remember that your bottle should be placed upside down with the cap off in the dishwasher. Add some detergent into the dishwasher, close it and run it under a regular mode. It’s convenient and fast as long as you have a washing machine for dishware!
  • Use the vinegar. Pour one fifth of bottle capacity vinegar into the bottle. Place it in a place stably overnight. When it comes to the morning, empty the bottle and clean it with water. Then turn your bottle upside down and dry it.
  • Use the bleach or baking soda. The two thing are very common at your home. You can add a teaspoon of soda as well as bleach into your bottle, and then pour water until the bottle is full. Place this bottle in a even surface overnight. Empty the bottle and clean it under the running water the next day. Finally, turn this bottle upside down and dry it in the air for hours. This method is superior effective for those stainless steel water bottles with odors.

3.How to choose the right stainless steel water bottle?

Besides cleaning the stainless steel water bottle, choosing a right one also predetermines how long you can keep it. Bulkflask is a experienced stainless steel water bottle manufacturer, willing to teach you how to select a good one as follows:

  • Good bottles should have removable bottoms. Bottle bottoms that can be twisted off can allow you have a clearer understanding to the inside of the bottle.
  • Bottle with a wide mouth may be your better choice. Narrow mouths of bottles are preferred by bacteria for hiding. A wide mouth bottle can help you get rid of this trouble. Besides, it’s easier for you to clean the inside wall while using a wide mouth one.
  • Check whether this bottle is made from food-grade stainless steel. This is also the most important part, having a direct influence to your health. Not all the stainless steel are qualified for making food containers. So check the tag on the bottle to see if it is made by 18/8 or 304 stainless steel, two ratings of food grade.

4.How often should you clean stainless steel water bottles?

There is no fixed answer to the question that how often should you clean your stainless steel bottle. This in fact depends on your using frequency. If you use your stainless steel water bottle every day, you’d better clean it at least per day to avoid bacteria and mold growth.

But it’s enough to clean the water bottle every few days if you only use it occasionally.


Drinking water is an dispensable part in our daily life. Whether our drinkwares are clean or not has a direct impact on our bodies. If you are used to using the stainless steel drink bottles to drink water, bottle cleaning is inevitable for you. BulkFlask hopes this article can help you while cleaning your water bottle. If you want more information, please contact us!

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