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How To Choose Reusable Drink Bottles Jugs?

Reusable Drink Bottles Jugs

Environmentally friendly: Reusable bottles and jugs are usually made from glass or metal, reused and recycled materials. Using reusable drink bottles or jugs can decrease resource waste and plastic pollution, the two hot discussing topics around the world.

Cost-effective:    Buying a reusable bottle or jug is a one-time investment that can save you money in the long run. Instead of buying disposable bottles or jugs every time you need a drink, you can refill your reusable bottle or jug for free.

Convenient: Reusable bottles and jugs are easy to carry around, making them convenient for people on the go. They come in various sizes and shapes, making it easy to choose one that suits your needs.

Clean and Healthy: Whether our food or water containers are safe has a direct influence to ones health. Qualified reusable bottles and jugs are made from materials with National Health Standards. To some degree, using reusable drinking bottles reduces our exposure to harmful chemicals.

Versatile:   Reusable bottles and jugs are not only suitable for carrying water, but they can also be used for carrying other beverages such as coffee, tea, juice, and even soup of different temperatures. They are also suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and picnicking.

2.Why are reusable drink bottles better than plastic water bottles?


Plastic is not eco-friendly: As we all know, plastic waste is a significant problem worldwide. It brings many terrible influences including resource waste, water pollution together with soil pollution, due to the fact that the plastic is non-biodegradable, one of the most toxic pollutants in the world and causing damage to the environment, right from its production to its disposal. Most of plastic trash will remain under the soil forever if human dont take actions to handle it. Reusable drink bottles can be and reused for years.


Plastic bottles waste money: Every time you need a drink, you have to pay for the disposable plastic water. Reusable drink bottles are typically more durable than plastic water bottles, which can crack or leak over time. Many reusable bottles are made from sturdy materials that can withstand regular use and even accidental drops. Buying a reusable drink bottle will be a one-time investment that can save you money in the long run. You can refill your reusable bottle for free.

Plastic contain harmful chemicals: Plastic water bottles can leach harmful chemicals such as Bisphenol A (BPA) into the water, especially when exposed to heat or sunlight. Reusable drink bottles made from materials like stainless steel, glass, or BPA-free plastics are a safer option for storing and carrying water.

Plastic bottles have few designs: Plastic bottles of few patterns and shapes can not meet with the requirement of customers nowadays. Reusable drink bottles come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes, allowing you to choose one that suits your style and needs. Some bottles can even be customized with your name or logo, making them a great promotional item or gift.

3.Why are some people unwilling to choose reusable drink bottles?

Reusable drink bottles are not perfect for everyone. Besides pros, they also have a few disadvantages, which are also the reasons why some people are unwilling to choose reusable drink bottles.

Inconvenience: Some people may find it inconvenient to carry a reusable drink bottle around, especially if they don’t have access to a place to refill it. Besides, its difficult to clean the stubborn stains on the inside of these bottles.

High price: While reusable drink bottles can save money in the long run, some people may be unwilling to pay the upfront cost of purchasing a high-quality reusable bottle.

Availability: In some areas, it may be difficult to find places to refill reusable bottles, which can make it challenging to use them consistently.

Hygiene concerns: Some people may have concerns about keeping their reusable bottle clean and free from bacteria or other contaminants.

Lack of awareness: Some people may not be aware of the environmental benefits of using a reusable drink bottle, or may not understand the impact that disposable plastic bottles have on the environment.

3.What can we consider while purchasing a reusable drink bottle?

After knowing some basic benefits as wells as disadvantages of reusable drink bottles, some people who prefer reusable ones may ask what I really need to take care while selecting bottles?

Consider the watertightness (The lids)

Some reusable water bottles and jugs usually have caps to prevent drinks in it from leaking or splashing while taking them with us outdoors. Therefore, tight fitness and good sealing are indispensable for such reusable bottles with caps. Bottle caps also called bottle stoppers or lids usually are of varied shapes and made different materials like glass, plastic and rubber.Knowing the types of bottle stoppers is helpful for your bottle selecting.

Screw Cap

                           The Screw Cap                              

                               The Sport Cap                           

flex Cap

                             The Flat Cap                                 

                          Half Twist Stopper                         

Bottles with different functions have matched caps of varied designs. Besides this, considering three most important facts of bottle stoppers: leak-proof or not, easy to use or not, and good mouth-fit or not.

Consider the work spending on maintenance

Whether the bottles are easy to maintain also needs our attention. If we have to spend much time on keeping these bottles clean and safe, our time and energy waste a lot. So thinking about the work we need to do with the bottles and jugs is very important. Generally speaking, the less maintenance the reusable bottles need, the more convenient they will be!

Consider the insulation

It will be much better if the reusable bottles are able to keep the temperatures of your drinks. Such innovative reusable jugs are called thermos bottles, equipping with double wall to have your drinks cold or hot for hours under normal situation. With such bottles, you can enjoy icy cold juices in summer or warm coffees in winter outdoors.

The material

The choices of reusable bottles are dazzling. Among such stunning options, materials come to an important position while selecting reusable jugs. Glass, reusable plastic and stainless steel are three main materials for these bottles on sale. Now follow BulkFlask, the leading stainless steel bottles in China, to take a look at the pros and cons of these materials.

Glass Bottles

Glass would be the best and safety-wise invention if it wouldnt break. It was from a professor named John Swartzberg at the University of California at Berkeley School of Public Health.

He said such words for the reason that  glass is a kind of recyclable material, never leaking any harmful chemicals like BPS or BPA to drinks which are either too cold or too hot. Also, glass containers wont add other flavors to your drinks. Because glass has good stability, hardly reacting with the liquids.

However, glass bottles have several drawbacks that cannot be ignored. On the one hand, reusable bottles and jugs made by glass are usually heavy, not easy for users to carry anywhere. On the other hand, glass bottles are fragile, not suitable for people going for hiking or camping.

Plastic Bottles

Reusable plastic water bottles usually adopt materials like copolyester and polypropylene that are durable as well as lightweight. (Disposable plastic bottles are made from PET or NO.1 plastic, easy to grow bacteria if used repeatedly and prone to release harmful chemical under high heating.)

Although many companies claim that their reusable bottles are made from non-toxic and heat-resistant materials, but false publicity news is also commonly seen on the market. As research shows, all reusable plastic bottles needs cleaning and disinfecting after using. But it is not sure whether the leaching chemicals of plastic would do harm to human bodies. 

Stainless Steel Bottles

To be honest, stainless steel is the best material for making reusable bottles and jugs if the cost is not taken into account. First, stainless steel is 100% reused and recyclable, harmless to the environment. In addition, qualified stainless steel bottles are durable, and resistant to corrosion and rust, which can be used for many years with proper maintenance. 

Last but not least, food grade stainless steel is non-toxic and harmless to our health. It is easy to clean too! The fly in the ointment is that stainless steel bottle is usually heavier than reusable plastic bottles.

Consider the design

In recent years, people’s life quality improves, the pattern of consumption changes gradually, especially among young people. Young generation usually take products designs into consideration besides practicability. Bottles design usually relate to two aspects: comfortable use and looks.


Comfortable use

1.What is your actual feeling while holding the reusable bottle? Does the surface touch comfortably for you?

2.Does your lip have a comfortable touching while drinking?

3.Are the bottles or jugs suitable for your needs? (eg.insulation or portability)


1.Young people are prone to choose bottles with novice designs.( colorful colors or patterns)

2.People living a simple life are likely to choose jugs of average colors or without patterns.

3.Outdoor workers would care about the practicability instead of looks or designs of bottles.

Consider the sizes

There are three common seen sizes in the market: 8-12(ounces), 13-24(ounces), and 25+ (ounces), ranging from small, medium to large. In fact, people usually choose the sizes of reusable bottles based on their actual needs. As a experienced wholesale reusable bottle supplier, BulkFlask is willing to show you how different sizes fit varied situations as follows:

Reusable bottles of 8-12 ounces: This kind of small-size jugs are suitable for office or school, where you can refill the bottles conveniently. But they are hardly seen in hiking or camping

Reusable bottles of 13-24 ounces: The medium jugs are favored by most of people. And they are produced with various colors and shapes for customers to choose. Such bottle sizes can meet most peoples daily needs.

Reusable bottles of 25+ ounces: Such large-size jugs are certainly for those who spend most of their time outdoors. These bulk blank  bottles can contain a lot of water for keeping those hikers or campers hydrated all day long.


Consider your lifestyle

Design, material, size or insulation are indispensable factors for us to think about while buying reusable bottles and jugs. But your lifestyle is also an important fact that cant be ignored.

A really good reusable bottle should fit you well! For example, if you like lightweight things, the heavy bottles arent for you even if these bottles are superior! If you like simple life, the jugs of complex designs dont fit you even though they are excellent in other aspects. 

Consider your budget

It is really sad to hear that your buying level is determined by your pocket. But actually it does. Sometimes, we see a perfect reusable bottle for us, but we fail to buy it because of shortage of money. So you also need to consider your budget while buying jugs. Finding a reusable bottle and jugs of high performance and reasonable price is a great thing! Generally speaking, reusable bottles usually cost you $10 to over $100.The bottles prices varied from materials(or designs).  BulkFlask, as a water bottle manufacturer, will show you how how much different materials generally cost, hoping to provide you a guidance to find the best bottle for you within your budget/

Plastic bottles will be the best choices for those with least budget. Durable plastic bottles can be affordable for many people.

Glass bottles are a bit more expensive than plastic bottles. Featuring with fragile, such glass jugs need our more attention on it. Sometimes, we have to by a shell to protect it. So glass material actually spend you more.

Last bu not least, metal reusable bottles like stainless steel bottle can be the perfect choice if you have enough money! These durable bottles are able to keep your drinks cold or hot! Also, they are sturdy and arent easy to break!


The above are the factors influencing your bottle buying choices gathered by BulkFlask. We sincerely hope this article could be a great guide for you while buying reusable bottles and jugs. If you want more information, please contact us!

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