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9 Tips For Drinking More Water

Tips For Drinking More Water

Drinking more water is not only beneficial for maintaining good health, but it can also aid in weight loss. Water helps to flush out toxins from the body and keep the digestive system functioning properly, which can lead to increased metabolism and fat burning. One study found that drinking 16 ounces of water before a meal led to a reduction in calorie intake by an average of 13%, resulting in weight loss over time. But many people may still find it struggle to drink enough water even if they know dehydration is unhealthy. So in this article, we offer you 9 tips for drinking more water everyday, hoping these tips can increase the water intake in your diet.

We have to admit that most of us don’t drink water due to inconvenience. But things will differ a lot if you have your own reusable water bottle, which provides you a convenient and accessible way to stay hydrated throughout the day. Preparing a reusable water bottle is a good tip for drinking more water!

A reusable water bottle is easy to carry around with you wherever you go, whether you’re at work, school or running errands. You can fill it up before leaving the house and have access to clean, filtered water whenever you need it. This makes it easier to drink more water throughout the day without having to make frequent trips to the sink or water fountain. 

In addition, reusable wholesale water bottles / bulk blank tumblers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can choose one that fits easily into your bag or backpack. Some even have built-in filters, which allow you to fill them up from any tap and still have clean, filtered water on hand. This makes it easy to stay hydrated even when you’re on the go.

Last but not least, buying bottled water can get expensive over time, especially if you’re buying it regularly. By using a reusable water bottle, you can save money in the long run by filling it up with tap water instead. Plus, many reusable water bottles are made from durable materials that can last for years with proper care.

Use the straw while drinking water

The second tip for drinking more water is to use the straw while drinking. This tip may sound a bit strange but it’s really helpful for increasing your water intake. Straws make it easier to drink from large water bottles without having to tilt your head back, which can be uncomfortable or even painful for some people. This can encourage you to drink more water, especially if you have a hard time drinking from a cup or tumbler. Then you tend to take smaller sips of water with a straw, which can help you drink more slowly and avoid gulping. This can help you feel more satisfied with the amount of water you’re drinking and encourage you to drink more throughout the day.

And it will be perfect if you have large size of water bottle with a straw in your office or school. After refilling your water bottle and putting it on your working(studying) table, what you need to do is only readjusting the direction of the straw to your mouth. Large size of water bottle with straw makes your drinking so convenient and easy, especially for those in office or school.

Set a daily goal for drinking water

Sometimes you don’t drink water due to your awareness lacking and a daily water intake goal can help you get rid of this puzzle. Setting a specific goal helps you become more aware of your water intake and makes you mindful of your body’s thirst signals. Knowing how much water you need to drink each day gives you direction and helps you make informed decisions about your water intake throughout the day.

Before setting a goal, it’s important to establish a baseline for your current water intake. This will help you determine how much more water you need to drink each day to meet your goal. You can track your water intake by keeping a journal or using a water tracking app. Once you have established your baseline, set a specific goal for your daily water intake. A good starting point is the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation of 3 liters (about 12 cups) per day for men and 2.2 liters (about 9 cups) per day for women. It means that a man needs to refill his water bottle for six times and a woman for 4 times with a 17 oz tumbler. However, this may vary depending on factors such as age, weight, activity level and climate.

If you think that 2.2 liters or 3 liters is too much at beginning, you can increase your water intake gradually based on your original drinking. For example, if your goal is 2500 ml per day but you now drink 1800 ml a day, you can set your goal as 2100 ml the second and gradually set your goal higher until it is your ideal water intake amount.

Make a detailed timetable for water intake

water drinking timetable is a tip for drinking more water

To make your daily goal more manageable, break it down into smaller goals that you can achieve throughout the day. To help you stay on track, use reminders to drink water throughout the day. You can set reminders on your phone or computer, use a water bottle with markings to measure your progress, or keep a water bottle by your desk at work. In addition, there are many app for drinking water and you can receive reminders as schedule after setting. App is the most convenient way for remind you of drinking water, but please note that some drinking apps need paying.

Record the water you drink every day

 Keep track of your progress by recording your daily water intake in a journal or using a water tracking app is a good way for you to drink more water. Seeing your progress over time can help motivate you to continue drinking more water. And you will find that the daily water intake differs with different factors such as environment you stay in and the activity level you get. 

Make your drinking water more tasty

Some people may find it difficult to drink enough water throughout the day, especially if they do not enjoy the taste of plain water. So making water more flavorful can make it more appealing and enjoyable to drink, which can help increase water intake and promote better hydration. Adding natural flavors or sweeteners, such as fruits, herbs or honey, can make water more palatable and encourage people to drink more of it. Some people like adding fresh fruits and vegetables like lemon, lime, orange, cucumber, celery and mint. You can also try adding herbs like basil or rosemary for a more unique flavor. Another option is to use natural sweeteners like stevia or monk fruit extract. These alternatives are healthier than sugar and can help you cut back on calories. Finally, you can experiment with different types of tea or coffee to add a bit of caffeine and aroma to your water.  To most of people, adding flavor to the water may be the easiest tip for drinking more water!

Drink cold water

Drinking cold water can help you drink more water because it is more refreshing and satisfying than warm or room temperature water. When you drink something cold, it can be a pleasant sensation that makes you want to take another sip. Especially when you are working out on a hot day, drinking a glass of cold water can be very refreshing and satisfying.

Thirst is often triggered by the body’s need for hydration, but sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether you are actually thirsty or just bored or stressed. Drinking cold water can help to alleviate these feelings of thirst and encourage you to drink more water throughout the day. Besides, drinking cold water can also help to boost your metabolism. Your metabolism is the process by which your body converts food into energy, and it can be affected by many factors, including temperature. Studies have shown that drinking cold water can increase your metabolic rate by up to 30%, which can help to burn calories and improve your overall health.

And you can select a high-performance insulated stainless steel water bottle if you want to drink cold water wherever you go.

Have competition of drinking water with your friends

For much of the time, it may be hard for someone to stick the schedule only by herself or himself. Having a partner usually makes your sticking easier. Competing with others can provide motivation to drink more water. When you have a goal to beat your friend’s water intake, you are more likely to stay on track and drink enough water throughout the day. Also, you will feel more responsible to drink enough water if you know that your friend is counting on you to do the same.

Drinking enough water can be challenging, especially if you are not used to it. Having a friend who is also trying to drink more water can provide social support and encouragement. You can share tips and tricks for staying hydrated and motivate each other to keep going. In addition, competing with friends can make drinking water more fun and enjoyable. It can add an element of excitement and challenge to your daily routine, making it easier to stick to your goals. To both you and your friend, this is a practical tip for drinking more water.

Eat fruits or vegetables

eat fruits is a tip for drinking more water

Some fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon, cucumber and strawberries, have a high water content. If you fail to take enough water, consuming these foods can help you stay hydrated. What’s more, eating fruits and vegetables can help stimulate your thirst, making you more likely to drink water. The natural sugars and electrolytes in these foods can also help replenish fluids lost through sweat during physical activity.

Many people consume sugary drinks like soda or juice instead of water. By replacing these with fresh fruits and vegetables, you can reduce your overall calorie intake and increase your water intake. Click and read more: Bulk Customized Gifts For Employees, Clients Or Weddings


After reading 9 tips for drinking more water, you must have a clear insight for your next step. Dehydration will bring different healthy problems to you, but you can start your scientific daily drinking and avoid these bad effects now. Generally speaking, a good water bottle or tumbler would your starting tip for drinking more water. So don’t hesitate and start now! If you want more information, please contact us!

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